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Serviendum ac Protegendum
Senatus Populusque Romanus
Rebooting Lance / Character Q&A 
27th-Mar-2009 06:14 pm
Russell (long hair)
I know Lance hasn't exactly been super active. Even from the beginning, he has always been quiet, reserved and even a bit aloof. So, I'm hoping to dust him off by way of reformatting his layout and posting some more extensive character information.

1) What's the character's name/aliases?

Given name: Titus Quintus Ferris
Modern Alias: Michael Lance Arturo

2) How did you come up with the name(s)?

Lance has always come across as a big guy: tall, broad, but not really chubby/fat. Because of that, he kinda picked the name "Titus" because it sounded like "titan." Apparently, his stature was something he was teased about in the Legions. Quintus denotes that he's the fifth child in the family. Ferris is a wink/nod to my cousin. Her married name is Farris.

Ever since his days at Camelot, he's liked being called "Lance," but he absolutely hates the way I say it. Born and raised Southern, I say "La-yunce" and it drives him nuts. God knows I've tried to break myself of that habit, but so far no good. The surname "Arturo" is also a wink/nod to King Arthur whom he served honorably and loyally. As for other aliases, Lance tends to favor "normal" names: Benjamin, Michael, Andrew, Frank, etc.

3) Stats (height, weight, hair, eyes, etc)

Height: 6'2" to 6'3"
Weight: 240lbs
Hair: Sandy blonde/light brown, straight, shoulder-length
Eyes: Blue/green
Build: beefy/sturdy
Played By: Russell Crowe

4) How did you pick your character's PB?

I'm always incredibly picky about PBs. I don't like using faces that are already out there. I want to find someone different, someone who really fits. I usually toil for weeks sometimes trying to find the right person, but there are some (arrogantrogue & jurisimmortalis) who have always come across as a certain person.

Basically, I needed/wanted someone who had an "old world" look to him because Lance has been around for awhile. I also needed someone who had been in various historical roles, including Roman. Russell Crowe certainly fit the bill. He had the right accent, the right build (even if Lance is much taller), the right roles, the right age, etc. There are very few actors who can combine all that. Clive Owen is a close second, but just doesn't perk Lance's interest the way Russell does. This is exactly how I picture Lance when it comes to his look & his voice.

5) What is your character's premise?

Ever since broadsword_babe claimed Guinevere as one of her aliases, I knew there needed to be a Lancelot around, and not necessarily from a love interest POV . Both have maintained they never once cheated on Arthur, and I knew that story needed to be told. I also liked the idea of Lance being her champion/bodyguard, someone who would always watch over her, protecting her, even though it drove her nuts. I also wanted him to be Roman simply because of Quinn's sheer dislike of anything Roman.

6) How has that changed, if at all?

After talking with a couple other writers, I realized Lance was coming across far more "stalkery" and obsessed than I wanted him to. He's really not like that. So, I toned it down a bit. Instead of him being around her constantly, I've scaled that back to the realm of a sub-plot. After Camelot, Lance was always just on the fringes of her life, never in her face really, but just someone who watched over her from afar.

Lately, he's taken to checking up on her electronically. He still keeps tabs on her, and kind of panicked when she "disappeared" from Colorado. But all in all, he's just a big softy who isn't afraid to put foot to ass when necessary.

For those who have read the Dresden Files, Lance and Michael Carpenter are two peas in a pod. That's part of the reason why I left off writing him for awhile: he kept channeling Michael. Yes, they would probably end upBFFs , but I really wanted Lance to be his own person, so to speak. I didn't want there to be any muse!confusion, especially in my own brainspace.

7) Loud or quiet? Passive or aggressive? Submissive or dominant?

Lance has always been quiet, passive and submissive, to a point. He's definitely one who thinks first and acts later. He also keeps that two ears/one mouth rule in mind. Most people might think he's slow or is dim witted, but he's not. He can be very outspoken and passionate about certain things. I haven't written much in the way ofsmecks as far as Lance is concerned, but I do get the feeling he's more on the submissive side, unless she starts being a brat and taking advantage of his good nature.

8) Does your character have any particular musical talents/tastes?

Actually, yeah. Lance tends to listen to bel canto opera to relax. Sometimes he listens to classic rock. As for musical talents, he has been known to write a few songs, sing and play violin. Of course, his talents are "borrowed" from Russell Crowe, who sings in his own band and played (or at least pretended to play) violin in Master and Commander.

9) Is your character a specific archetype?

Lance fits into a lot of different pigeonholes. He can be a mentor, a best friend, a worst enemy, father figure, voice of reason, willing hero, you get the idea. Just don't think you'll get away with murder. He's also very supportive. He'll bail any friend out of a bad situation, and give them a good, stern lecture about never getting into a mess the next time.

10) What are your character's hobbies, if any?

Lance definitely likes to work with his hands as a way to relax. He bought a Craftsman-style bungalow and has been doing a lot of the renovations himself. He's pretty much a handy-man's handy-man. He also likes to restore cars and motorcycles. He also likes going up into the mountains to do some serious camping every once in awhile.

11) Does your character have any favorite foods?

Being raised in Tuscany, Lance tends to favor Italian recipes and restaurants. He can also cook, but he isn't a gourmet chef. He cooks to eat, unlike Quinn who enjoys cooking for the sake of cooking. At the end of the day, he's really just a pizza-and-beer kinda guy.

12) Does your character watch/participate in any particular sports?

Again, borrowing from Russell Crowe, Lance is hooked on rugby. He also likes watching soccer, namely A.S. Roma. Other sports such as cricket, golf, baseball, basketball, and American football don't really interest him.

13) Is your character fluent in more than one language?

Absolutely. Lance still speaks Italian on occasion. He gives jurisimmortalis grief about her name meaning Christmas in Italian. He also knows Latin, French, English, and a smattering of Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Arabic. Mostly what he knows is a reflection of where he's lived.

14) Does your character have a preferred mode of transportation?

Though he enjoys horseback riding from time to time, Lance usually drives a black, rough-and-tumble, two-door, Jeep Wrangler soft-top. He also has a vintage Harley that he takes out when the weather's nice. But there is one mode of transportation Lance doesn't do well with: flying. He hates flying. He would much prefer driving, taking a train, or sailing.

15) Does your character have any pets?

Not at the moment. If he did, I can absolutely see him with a Golden Retriever or something like that. Cats, however, are out of the question. Oddly enough (for an Immortal) Lance is allergic to felines.

16) What is your character's current occupation?

Right now, Lance is a detective in a small town in the Carolinas similar to Raleigh or Asheville. He likes his job and being of service to the general public. Also, the area is pretty low-crime so being a detective is relatively stress-free. Most of the cases he handles are pretty cut-and-dry, and when he's not working on an active case, Lance sometimes delves into the cold case files.

17) What occupation(s) has your character had in the past?

Throughout most of history, Lance has been involved with the military or public service in one way, shape or form. He has been a Legionnaire, a honest-to-God knight in shining armor, in the cavalry, a Marine, police officers, etc. Lance has also been a teacher at various points, mostly history.

18) Describe your characters fashion sense. Do they have a favorite article of clothing?

Most of Lance's wardrobe is casual: jeans, t-shirts, a few button-front shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, a suit or two, but nothing really fancy. He's probably about as far from being "metro" as a guy can get. As for favorites, what guy doesn't have a pair of worn out old sneakers, jeans that have seen better days, and t-shirts that should have been thrown in the rag bag ages ago?

19) Does your character have any favorite TV shows/movies?

When he's not watching sports, Lance tends to watch documentaries. Needless to say, the History Channel's on heavy rotation when he's home. Mostly, he gets a kick out of their version of events versus his own. The same holds true for movies. He prefers historical dramas like Cleopatra, Spartacus, Cromwell, Four Feathers, 300, etc. He also likes John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns.

20) Does your character have any habits/addictions?

Not really. Lance does have a beer every now and again, but rarely gets roaring drunk. He used to smoke back in the day, and still does on occasion like when he's stressed or working on something. He never got into drugs, gambling and video games don't do anything for him.

21) Does your character suffer from any long-term illnesses?

Physically, no. As an Immortal, Lance heals from injuries quickly, usually within minutes. However, Lance has been in any number of wars from the time he was a Legionnaire, the Crusades, Hundred Years' War, American Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Civil War, WWI & II, Korea, & Vietnam. Needless to say, his PTSD does flare up every now and again, as much as he tries to deny it.

22) Does your character have a best friend or someone they're especially close to?

The closest thing Lance has to a best friend is his student: Ethan Miller, noblewarrior. He enjoys the common bond of Immortality as well as Ethan's more light-hearted attitude towards life. They have sometimes found themselves as comrades at arms often fighting for the same cause.

Quinn, broadsword_babe he still respects as a Queen and will always think of her that way. She will always be someone to be obeyed and protected, nothing more.

Though Natalie, jurisimmortalis tried to throw herself at him during the case they worked together, Lance never took advantage of her. They are still friends, but nothing more.

23) Describe your character's upbringing.

Lance grew up as the youngest of five rambunctious boys. He was often the quiet, more reserved of the bunch. He always knew he was different. He looked nothing like his parents, and when asked about his birth, his mother would only say that he was a gift from the gods.

24) Does your character have any particular religious beliefs?

Lance is a practicing Catholic. He was with Constantine at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312. He had talked with a few Christians during his travels, but never put much stock into their stories, until that battle. When Constantine ordered his army to paint their shields with the sign of the cross, Lance did as told, but again thought nothing of it. The next day, they won the battle, and Emperor Maxentius was found dead along the banks of the river. Soon after, Constantine rode into Rome victorious and within a year, gained control of the entire Western Empire. Lance no longer doubted the Christian God, and became a devout follower after that.

During the Middle Ages, Lance became a knight. He went through Ordeals, fought in Crusades, the whole nine yards. He not only believed in the power of the Almighty, but also in the Chivalric Code. Antiquated as it might be, he still reveres and respects women as though any one of them could have borne the Son of God.

25) Does your character have a favorite place?

Without a doubt, Lance loves his home in Tuscany. Through various wheelings and dealings, he's managed to maintain ownership of the farm and olive grove where he grew up pretty much consecutively. Granted, there have been times when it was bought and sold while he was incommunicado, but with a little patience, he always managed to buy it back. The house itself has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, but Lance has kept the layout faithful to its Roman roots.

If anyone wants to use these questions for their muses, here's a handy-dandy copy & paste code:

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